When playing Pocket Planes, you might encounter getting an achievement. Getting achievements gives your Game Center account points. In Pocket Planes, there are 36 achievements, a total of 860 points.

Achiement Name Description Points
Growing Fleet Have 8 aircraft in the air at once. 10
Business is Booming Establish an airline value of 250,000. 10
Expanding Operations Open 10 airports. 10
Fly With Us! Service a population of 20 million. 10
Taxi Service Deliver 500 Passengers. 10
Flying Boxes Deliver 500 Cargo. 10
Raking it in Make 1,000 profit on a single flight. 10
Jet Lag Make 250 total flights. 10
Around the World Log 24,906 miles on a single aircraft. 10
Expanding Reach Operate airports in 3 different regions. 10
Bee Hive Have 14 aircraft in the air at once. 20
Mega-Corp Establish an airline value of 1,000,000. 20
Tons of Tarmac Open 20 airports. 20
Full Service Service a population of 100 million. 20
People Mover Deliver 1,000 Passengers. 20
Rush Delievery Deliver 1,000 Cargo. 20
Gold Mine Make 5,000 profit on a single flight. 20
Millennial Flight Make 1,000 total flights. 20
Apollo 11 Log 252,088 miles on a single aircraft. 20
Global Operations Operate airports in all 6 regions. 20
Blacking out the Sun Have 20 aircraft in the air at once. 30
Flying Giant Establish an airline value of 10,000,000. 30
Everyone Aboard! Service a population of 200 million. 30
People Power Deliver 10,000 Passengers 30
Cargo Crazy Deliver 10,000 Cargo 30
This is Bananas Make 20,000 profit on a single flight. 30
Boy Are My Arms Tired Make 10,000 total flights. 30
Regional Headquarters Operate a 10m population airport in all 6 regions. 30
Transatlantic Make a transantlantic flight. 40
Longest Journey Make a non-stop flight between Nome and Wellington. 40
Aloha Deliver 100 jobs to Honolulu. 40
Moai Statues Deliver 100 jobs to Easter Island. 40
Penguin Spotting Deliver 100 jobs to Punta Arenas. 40
Flying Wild Deliver 100 jobs to Barrow. 40
Arctic Exposure Deliver 100 jobs to Tiksi. 40
Madagascar Deliver 100 jobs to Mahajanga. 40

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