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Hello Everybody Your Probably Here To Become An Admin, Or Admire Our Other Admin. Whatever The Cause You Came To The Right Place. We Recently Shut Down Our Old Page but dont worry just comment down below and check this page daily(Can Take Up to 2 Months to be verified). Names That Show Up in Green Are V.I.P. Or Were Here Since The Begining.

Current Admin

KoalaKhaos (Original Site Owner)

RangerBif (Original Site Co-Owner)

FuzzyDice (Chat Moderator)

JJboss135 (Part Of Pocket Planes Wiki Staff)

Louiz2758 (Part Of Pocket Planes Wiki Staff) (Moderator)

ZOOMbird1 (Part of Pocket Planes Wiki Staff) (Pilot)

How To Join

  1. Comment Your Wiki Username And Why You'd Be A Great Admin
  2. Wait For One Of Our Moderators to tell you if your'e a Admin or not
  3. Continuously Check The Page

- KoalaKhaos


1.Any Edits/Modifications Not Done By Admin Will Be Undone And User Will Be Banned From Wiki Page.

2.Any Spam in comments will be undone and also banned from wiki page

3.This is not a trading post, if you post a trade you will be banned temporally

4. Any Foul Language Will Be Remove

5.If you are gone for more than 2 weeks you will be removed from the admin list

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