The Bank Screen

The Bank is a feature, found in the Menu. In the Bank, you can exchange your Bux (Bux) for coins (Coin) to buy airports. The more Bux you exchange for Coin, the higher the Exchange Rate, as seen below. You cannot exhange your Coin for Bux, though.

If you are planning to exchange your Bux Bux to get more coins Coin, it would be strategic to save up the most Bux as possible because the Exchange Rate grows higher when you Exchange more Bux.

The formula used to determine how many coins you get per Bux is: 500 + (number of Bux / 2). If the number of Bux is odd, the resulting fraction is rounded down.

While converting Bux to Coin, you MUST make sure your Coin value never excedes 2,147,483,647. If it does, the data will excede the maximum in-game capacity and reset to 0.

To get the TOTAL number of coins for "number of Bux", simply multiply the "Coin per Bux" that you just calculated, by your original "number of Bux". 

Bux Coin Exchange Rate
1 500 500 Coin per Bux
10 5,050 505 Coin per Bux
100 55,000 550 Coin per Bux
1,000 1,000,000 1,000 Coin per Bux
10,000 55,000,000 5,500 Coin per Bux