Bearclaw Series
P | C
More info
Level Unlocked 1
Class 1
Capacity (P/C) 1
Capacity (M) N/A
Range (miles) 500
Speed (mph) 126
Weight (tons) 1.0

The Bearclaw-P is a tiny propeller plane given to you at the start of the game. It has 1 slot for either a passenger/cargo. The Bearclaw is one of the worst aircraft in the game. Its low capacity, slow speed, and very short range make it bad. It is best to retire these aircraft at level 4 and replace them with a Supergopher or Navigator. It is based on a Piper Cub, a popular light sporting and training aircraft.


Parts: 3 Bux per part

To Build: 3 Bux to build = 12 Bux total

To Buy: 14 Bux

To Upgrade: 3 Bux per upgrade (total of 9 upgrades available)


Type Base Level 1 Level 2 Level 3


500 525 550 575


126 132 139 145


1.0 0.95 0.9 0.85

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