• Louiz2758

    Return of louis

    August 6, 2017 by Louiz2758

    Hi guys long time no see! For those of you who are new I used to be a active member on this page, I have all the rare planes and most stuff thanks to some great guys like SteelZoomBird, Avatarfighter and jsxtm. I've come back to see how the page is going and if anyone needs anything I'd be willing to trade

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  • Twdean13

    tips/help for beginner

    July 27, 2017 by Twdean13

    I've been playing pocket planes for about a month, and have progressed quickly. However, I have struggled to collect rare plane parts. I will gladly send anyone a Pearjet-M Control for some help. Thanks!

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  • Carlsonester

    I'm giving out full plane parts to help someone out especially beginners! Comment your gamecenter username!

    I'm currently level 35 with the following plane inventories:

    3 Cloudliners M (LA-Tokyo, LA-Seoul, LA-Beijing) My trunk routes, EXTREMELY HIGH DEMAND

    8 Cyclone M (5 North America to Asia routes, 2 Europe to Asia routes, 1 Asia to South America route) Transport between major hubs. NY, Istanbul, Paris, Xian, Bangkok, Rio, Lagos, Jakarta

    13 Sequoia M (Point-to-point routes) Everywhere

    1 C-130 Hercules (Point-to-point route) Everywhere

    2 Aeroeagle M (LA-NY) Transamerica route only

    1 Birchcraft M (LA-Honolulu) Hawaii route only

    3 Equinox M (Emergency layover planes) 

    1 Equinox P (Emergency layover plane)

    1 Equinox C (Emergency layover plane)

    5 X10 Map…

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  • Racerronnie

    Concord body

    May 10, 2017 by Racerronnie

    Hi everyone,

    I have been trying for a Concorde body for years. Can someone help me out?

    I have other planes I'd be willing to give.

    Thank you! Racerronnie

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  • RascoRox

    Birchcraft M- All parts

    Birchcraft P- Full plane

    Equinox P- Body x1, Controls x1, Engine x0

    It would be great if you could answer me asap if you are interested.

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  • Sgtspam

    Pearjets For trade

    February 1, 2017 by Sgtspam

    Hey Im level 16 and looking to trade some planes. My freind code is 10PY. Write a comment for your offer. Thanks.

    • Pearjet-M Full Plane
    • Pearjet-P Full Plane
    • Pearjet-C 1xBody 0xControls 0x Engine
    • Aeroeagle-P Full Plane
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  • BombasticFrigate

    Please do not create *pages* that do not contribute information to the wikia,such as trading pages,those can be made as blog posts.


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  • NoobyCakes


    January 1, 2017 by NoobyCakes

    yolo i dont know what to write

    i need x10 mapple pro body and engine 


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  • JK55556


    November 19, 2016 by JK55556


    I adopted this wiki not long ago, and I want this wiki to become a successful place. If you want to add any new features, go ahead and do it!

    Have a great time editing here!

    JK55556 (talk) 18:01, November 19, 2016 (UTC)

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  • Legoaustin11

    Yay!!! 1st Blog post!!

    November 18, 2016 by Legoaustin11
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  • Lovac13

    Don't bother checking my account details its all a bit outdated, might update it later. I am looking to trade for any rare parts you might have, in exchange I will offer anything from the market, cloudliners, UAVs, Nokis etc.

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  • Mahmoomiletata

    Ted Cruz was on my flight to Naples in a mime costume. I couldn't stop laughing for ten minutes XD

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  • JJboss135

    Avatarfighter's shop of wonders is open again, where you can get rare planes for sequoia and up (including fogbuster!) Buy class 3 planes from the PP in-game market or from a dealer such as JJboss135 or Zoombird1! Act now before it's too late!

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  • JJboss135

    Happy Valentiens Day

    February 13, 2016 by JJboss135

    If you have a girlfriend, good for you. If not I feel your pain. Fun Valentiens.

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  • JeffersonYu1

    This blog post has been transfered to a page:

    Click Here to go the the New Trading Post Location!

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  • JJboss135

    C-130. Part. Event.

    January 10, 2016 by JJboss135

    Enough Said.

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  • JJboss135

    Looking for rare parts

    January 7, 2016 by JJboss135

    Looking for rare parts, especially P-40 Engine and controls. I can offer: Huey Body Sea Knight Engine Sequoia Cyclone Aeroeagle Fogbuster Tetra and other Market Planes should you wish.

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  • ZOOMbird1

    3,000+ edits! Woo!

    January 5, 2016 by ZOOMbird1

    When I joined January 15, 2015, (almost a year ago!) I never thought I would become this successful, It all started with a picture of my first cloudliner (I think). I would like to thank many for accepting me on the wiki and for many valuable and amazing trades. I hope I can stay on this wiki for a long time. There are so many good people here.


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  • ZOOMbird1

    Happy New Year!

    December 31, 2015 by ZOOMbird1

    Let's hope this year is a good one! Cheers to 2016! Let's hope many exciting things happen in 2016.

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  • ZOOMbird1

    One too many times.

    December 24, 2015 by ZOOMbird1

    First off, merry Christmas to everyone. Now down to business.

    This should be common sense. What is the wiki for? Someone tell me. Please.

    You should contact me on here. Not just by sending a Gamcenter saying "Please gimme cloudliner" or "Got anymore of them cloudliners." I am done. I hate this. And if you send me a friend request only, I will gladly deny with a bunch of rainbows and dancing bunnies in the background. I would be glad to help on the wikia, but sending me a friend request is too hard. The account is free. You spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on whatever device you have, but you can't create a FREE account. To be honest, it's sad. Please be smart, don't be a moron. Also if you send me a friend request and I deny it, don'…

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  • Ethanp0314

    merry christmas

    December 24, 2015 by Ethanp0314

    merry christmas everyone,

    & a happy new year

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  • MidnaGamer

    Hello. i am almost level 16 and i am wondering if the aeroeagle can fly to the USA. so can it fly to new york or washington dc or boston?

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  • ZOOMbird1

    Been very lazy, have no bux. Sorry about that. I will try to get a lot of bux today and send to all of the waiters. Once again I apologize.

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  • ZOOMbird1

    Thank you Koala!

    December 6, 2015 by ZOOMbird1

    Thank you Koala for making me an admin! I will try my best to maintain the wiki and keep peace throughout the community! Thank you everybody

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  • SilvertalonCS


    November 29, 2015 by SilvertalonCS

    Hey guys,

    I had pocket planes on my Droid but switched to Apple, had to start over.  

    I'm back up to LVL 16, but trying to do better this time around.  I've already messed up with having too many Equinox and Pearjet models, Just getting back to Aeroeagle.

    What is the consensus on how many airports to have?  I feel like having LVL1 airports is a waste when you aren't using those planes anymore (except for events).

    Is it better to have planes that run transatlantic to drop off between Boston/Madrid, and runners in the continents, or just have planes go all the way?

    And finally, the generic appeal for parts.  If anyone has anything available for LVL3/LVL2 parts that are freely available I would appreciate it.  I don't have much to offer, just the …

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  • JJboss135

    Happy Thanksgiving

    November 27, 2015 by JJboss135

    Happy American Thanksgiving! Let's be thankful for pocket planes! Wishing you the best of the season, have a good thanksgiving. AND WATCH FOOTBALL! Cheers, JJboss135

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  • ZOOMbird1

    This should be common sense. What is the wiki for? someone tell me. Please.

    You should contact me on here. Not just by sending a Gamcenter saying "Please gimme cloudliner" or "Got anymore of them cloudliners." I am done. I hate this. And if you send me a friend request only, I will gladly deny with a bunch of rainbows and dancing bunnies in the background. I would be glad to help on the wikia, but sending me a friend request is too hard. The account is free for gods sake! Please be smart, don't be a moron. Also if you send me a friend request and I deny it, don't expect a second chance if you do it on the wiki after. Thank you,


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  • Louiz2758


    October 22, 2015 by Louiz2758
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  • ZOOMbird1

    I would love to thank you all for all the support and the possibility of getting every rare plane in the game. Which is why I would like to announce I am leaving Pocket planes wiki. Goodbye

    Just kidding! Thank you nimblebit for the hot air balloon engine, and thank you Louiz, Lovac, Superblob, and Ethan just to name a few,for all the support!

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  • ZOOMbird1

    I am going through (No, not puberty) a rough time in my life and have been very grumpy lately. On top of that I haven't actually played pocket planes in a month and I have no bux. I hope you all can forgive me


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  • JeffreyJr11

    Pocket planes

    October 15, 2015 by JeffreyJr11

    does anyone have pocket planes on mac?

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  • JeffreyJr11

    also im currently level 18 and was wondering if its worth it to upgrade airports.

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  • JeffreyJr11


    October 13, 2015 by JeffreyJr11

    Looking to trade a Sea Knight part for a large Class 1 plane

    have sea knight controls

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  • Veraux

    Hello all!

    As the title suggests I am looking to trade any class 3 planes and Aeroeagles.

    Bellow is what I got to offer.


    - Equinox M

    - Birch M

    - x10 maple

    - Kangaroo M

    - Wallaby C and P

    - Aerovan M

    - Navigator P and C


    - 2 Pear M

    - 2 x10 Maple

    - Equinox C and P


    -Navigator P Body

    -Airvan P Body

    -Airvan C Controls

    -Mohawk C Controls

    -Equinox M Engine

    -Equinox C Controls

    -Equinox C Engine

    -2 Wallaby P Controls

    - Wallaby M Controls

    -2 Wallaby C body

    - Wallaby C Engine

    -Kangaroo C Engine

    -Anan M Body

    -Anan C Controls

    Comment here or leave a message on my Message Wall if you're interested

    Thank you so much!

    Any charity is also welcome!

    (note: I will edit every time I trade something to keep the i…

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  • Ethanp0314


    October 9, 2015 by Ethanp0314

    YAY todays a holiday in korea

    we dont go to scholl lol

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  • Shadow ninja714

    I had to start the game over after i got a new phone... does anyone have a spare cloudliner? I'm level 18 so idk what i could give in return

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  • Veraux

    Need a Fogbuster

    October 6, 2015 by Veraux

    Hello all! Anyone has a spare fogbuster or two you might want to trade? Let me know what I can do for you!

    Thanks in advance.

    Gc: Veraux

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  • CoCoRevolution001

    I will trade X10 mapple pro and a Huey controls for blimp controls and engine or a full fogbuster

    emaile me at

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  • Lovac13

    I need a C-130 controls to complete my C-130 and I am offering a C-130 engine and a FULL Cyclone-M.

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  • ZOOMbird1

    Anybody else have this?

    September 20, 2015 by ZOOMbird1

    All my class 3 planes except my tetra and rare planes have dissapearing passengers. I load a plane full with the 25% bonus but when it takes off, 1-3 cargo/passengers will dissapear. I just want to know if anyone has this problem too because it's hitting my profits big time.

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  • ZOOMbird1

    The wait is over!

    September 6, 2015 by ZOOMbird1

    We finally have a part event! Get your class 1 planes and head over to South America for a blimp part.

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  • ZOOMbird1

    I am looking for Blimp, Huey, or any rare parts to complete my collection. I currently have any plane you can buy in the game and I have some rare parts. I have P-40, bobcat, starship, and sea knight parts. My gamecenter is SteelZOOMBIRD!

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  • Lovac13

    I am looking for concorde parts the most and I will offer other rare parts for them such as my sea knight engine or C-130 engine. I am also looking for any rare parts at all and I am offering any planes you want off the market (Cloudliner, UAV, Noki, Cyclone, tetra, aeroeagle...) my GC is "LOVAC"

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  • Ethanp0314


    August 16, 2015 by Ethanp0314

    are there any kind people who will trade thier concorde parts for a sequia p i could also give u a fogbuster

    &any class 1 planes exept the rare ones u could also give me a c-130or a seanight

    gc -Ethanpark-

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  • Tyson4356

    Hey could I have a hot air balloon or a p40 warhawk or the body and the control of a sea knight for a x10 maple pro I have lots off them PLEASE. Or if you want to make a nother offer that's fine. Game Center is Tyson4356

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  • Wikimember

    i am level 16

    1. should i get more plane slots i have 9 right now all used

    2. should i sell any of these airports that i have:












    hong kong






    sendai, sapporo, tokyo, osaka, and nagasaki are studs on my map because they pretty much MADE my company

    3. here is my plan for expansion, what do you guys think about it and how should i improve it

    all airport in india, pakistan, bangladesh > australia (rarely used) > riyadh > africa > europe > south america > us and surrounding

    your help is appreciated

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  • Ethanp0314


    July 16, 2015 by Ethanp0314

    can u guys just tell me which flightcrew ur in

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  • United1478

    I'm trading an X10 Mapple-Pro for mostly any aircraft class 2 and up.

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  • Ethanp0314


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  • Malachitekingfishers

    Well hello I'm malachite kingfishers and I run Kiswahili hewa and this is my fleet

    That's my fleet for now but I have more

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