Oceania has 22 cities: 20 of them are Class 1 (Class1), and only 2 airports are Class 2 (Class2). There are no Class 3 airports (Class3) in Oceania.

The limited number of Class2 and Class3 cities in Oceania makes it an undesirable place to develop your airport at.

Until the release of v 1.0.4, Oceania was incorrectly spelt as Oceana.

Worm Boy 1/Lord_Treepa's Strategy: So I began my airport in Oceania, And I have developed a strategy to get about 1000 coins per flight. FIrst of all, Buy the 3 NZ airports. Then buy Alice Springs, Katherine and Port Hedland. Get several Airvan Ms or Kangaroo Ms and put them in a New Zealand airport. Then fill them up with cargo/passengers for Katherine or Port Hedland but only one of the 2 to get the 25% bonus. Then send them to Katherine or Port Hedland Respectively via Brisbane and Alice Springs . When they arrive vice versa except with a New Zealand airport. Rinse and repeat till you get rich!

Name Country Population (M) Marker Build Cost
Adelaide Australia Australia 2.0 Class1 11,000
Alice Springs Australia Australia 0.0 Class1 1,135
Auckland NewZealand New Zealand 2.0 Class1 11,000
Brisbane Australia Australia 3.0 Class1 16,000
Broken Hill Australia Australia 0.0 Class1 1,135
Broome Australia Australia 0.1 Class1 1,250
Cairns Australia Australia 0.2 Class1 1,760
Christchurch NewZealand New Zealand 0.4 Class1 2,905
Darwin Australia Australia 0.1 Class1 1,640
Geraldton Australia Australia 0.0 Class1 1,185
Hobart Australia Australia 0.2 Class1 2,060
Kalgoorlie Australia Australia 0.0 Class1 1,165
Katherine Australia Australia 0.0 Class1 1,030
Melbourne Australia Australia 4.2 Class2 22,000
Mount Isa Australia Australia 0.0 Class1 1,100
Newman Australia Australia 0.0 Class1 1,040
Perth Australia Australia 2.0 Class1 11,000
Port Hedland Australia Australia 0.0 Class1 1,060
Port Moresby PNG Papua New Guinea 0.3 Class1 2,540
Rockhampton Australia Australia 0.1 Class1 1,375
Sydney Australia Australia 5.0 Class2 26,000
Wellington NewZealand New Zealand 0.4 Class1 2,965

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