Russia has 13 cities over two regions, 4 in Europe and 9 in Asia.


In Europe, Russia has 4 cities: Moscow, Murmansk, St. Petersburg and Volgograd. Two of the cities are Class 1 (Class1) airports, one is a Class 2 (Class2) airport, and the fourth is a Class 3 (Class3) airport.

Name Population (M) Marker Build Cost
Moscow 10.0 Class3 51,000
Murmansk 0.3 Class1 2,540
St. Petersburg 4.9 Class2 25,400
Volgograd 1.0 Class1 6,105


In Asia, Russia has 9 cities: all of which are Class 1 (Class1) airports.

Name Population (M) Marker Build Cost
Anadyr 0.0 Class1 1,065
Magadan 0.1 Class1 1,480
Norilsk 0.2 Class1 1,875
Novosibirsk 1.5 Class1 8,370
Perm 1.0 Class1 5,960
Pevek 0.0 Class1 1,020
Tiksi 0.0 Class1 1,025
Vladivostok 0.6 Class1 3,960
Yakutsk 0.3 Class1 2,345

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