I'm Jason a.k.a. MathGangster!

== I live in the city of Melbourne, Australia and I'd have it no other way! I'm twelve in September unless you are reading this in the future. I have a...confusing nature; I worry a lot and I am a moody person, so I act on an impulse then worry about it when I'm in a different mood this is why I'm always stressing and I apologise now for when I do become Mr. Grumpy but typically if I'm down I wont be online.

== I've been playing Pocket Planes since about last month when my friend told me about it when I was coming over to his house, to play together. My memory has been a disappointment to me for as long as I can't remember so I can not be more precise than that when I wonder what I had for breakfast.

== My other interests include Pokémon, Mario, being amazing, playing instruments, learning knowledge and annoying people on the internet by being a troll (lol), but not to the extent where I ruin peoples' gameplay experience..

== I managed to find this wiki through the same friend who introduced me to it, and I felt warm and fuzzy when I joined as everyone seemed really nice treated each other like family, so I've want to remain a valued member of this community.

== But seriously, Pocket Planes is such a good game, and to be able to be involved in a new, friendly environment about it is such a blessing.

== Hope I get to know you all, see you on the wiki!

Ciao, MathGangster.

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