Hey everyone!

I've just recommenced my Pocket Planes activity a few weeks ago, and found that I have a lot of spare parts. I am offering to trade parts (or give them away for free in some cases, just ask :)

If you have any offer you'd like to make, just comment below. My iOS GC is JeffersonYu1. I will add you if I can confirm a trade or giveaway. DO NOT just add me and ask me for parts. I will frequently edit and check this page, so do not spam. Please.

I can easily get parts/planes from the 'For Sale' tab, so do not worry if I do not currently have it in stock. I will get it very soon.

I have:

  • Class 1s
  • the Kangaroo Series (and parts)
  • the Mohawk Series (and parts)
  • the Airvan Series (and parts)
  • the Anan Series (and parts)
  • the Bearclaw Series (and parts)
  • the Wallaby Series (and parts)
  • the Navigator Series (and parts)
  • the Griffon Series (and parts)
  • the Supergopher Series (and parts), and occasionally (just ask),
  • the x10 Mapple Pro
  • Class 2s
  • the Equinox Series (and parts)
  • the Birchcraft Series (and parts)
  • the Pearjet Series (and parts), and occasionally (just ask),
  • the Aeroeagle Series

Currently, I need:

  • Cloudliner Ms
  • Sequoia Ms
  • Any rare planes, if you are willing to help me out (who doesn't want rare planes :P)

Thanks so much for checking out my Trading Hangar!


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