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In Pocket Planes, there are six different Leaderboards that you can compete your friends or other players with. The different Leaderboards are Peak Airline Value, Level, Miles Flown, Total Flights, Longest Flight, and Most Profitable Flight.

Increase Your Ranking

You might want to compete with your friends or other people who play Pocket Planes by ranking the highest in the Leaderboards.

To increase in Peak Airline Value, buy more planes and airports.
To increase your Level, gain more XP by sending more jobs, buying airports, and buying more planes.
To increase your Miles Flown ranking, send your airplanes on longer trips, like over oceans or across the country.
To increase your Total Flights ranking, you want to do the opposite of Miles Flown. Send all of your airplanes to the closest airport, preferable ones that are in the same country.
To increase your Longest Flight ranking, send an airplane like the Starship to a place like Los Angeles and then send the Starship to a place like Tokyo (Of course taking a few pit stops). You will then increase your longest flight ranking.
To increase your Most Profitable Flight ranking, use airplanes with more capacity, like the Cloudliner, and send them to places that are far away.