Level 19

There is an unlimited number of levels in Pocket Planes. However, each one takes an increasing amount of experience to earn according to the equation. After each level up you earn 3 Bux and the ability to purchase 2 more airports, but when updated to the latest version, 2 new airports are unlocked upon levelling up. On certain levels, you can also get an amount of coins or unlock new planes to buy. Starting from the supergopher and ending at the Mohawk, every level up unlocks a new plane. Starting from the Mohawk and onwards, every 2 level ups unlocks a new plane.

  • Xp Formula: XP = C + P + (500 * B) + (2 * (B - 1))

C = Total number of coins awarded for delivered cargo

P = Total number of coins awarded for delivered passengers

B = Total number of bux awarded for delivered items

XP Glitch

For every loaded person or cargo 1xp is awarded. If you keep on loading and unloading any passenger or cargo, you will keep on earning xp. This helps in the lower levels as you don't need +200,000 taps to level up.


The Blimp, The Bobcat, The C-130 Hercules, The Concorde, The Hot Air Balloon, The Huey, The P-40 Warhawk, The Sea Knight and The Starship planes are not unlocked by leveling up, but by being in a certain position in the Global Event leaderboard.

Airplane Unlocked Level
Bearclaw 1
Griffon 1
Navigator 1
Wallaby 1
Supergopher 4
Airvan 5
Anan 6
Kangaroo 7

X10 Mapple Pro

Birchcraft 10
Equinox 12
Pearjet 14
Aeroeagle 16
Fogbuster 20
Sequoia 22
Tetra 24
Cyclone 26
Cloudliner 28

Noki B6


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