The Pearjet is a twin engine jet aircraft, being unlocked at level 14. It is a Class 2 Plane. It is based on the Learjet 45, a popular business aircraft. The plane has 5 slots for passengers/cargo and for the mixed plane, it has slots for 3 passengers and 2 cargo. It can profit a lot, despite what others say, but it profits less than an Aeroeagle . Recomended for global events stationed on class 3 airports, as it is quick, giving more time to do more jobs. A good strategy is to buy Pearjets in P/C pairs, so you can make profit on both passengers and cargo.

A consequence of the high speed is that if you deliver jobs to different airports in one flight, it can lose profit easily.


  • Parts: 14 Bux per part
  • To Build: 14 Bux to build
  • To Buy: 79 Bux to buy
  • To Upgrade: 14 Bux per upgrade


Type Base Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Range (Miles) 1,947 2,044 2,142 2,239
Speed (Mph) 272 286 299 312
Weight (Tons) 5 4.8 4.5 4.2


  • The Pearjet is based off the Learjet 45.
  • It is one of 2 planes with 5 slots, the other one being the Sea Knight

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