Plane Efficiency is one of the most important things in pocket planes. It determines how much income you get, which in turn, buys you more plane slots and airports to keep you busy.

Here are the Top fastest planes (not efficient if you just send planes 'n go, but good if you check up often)

1. Cloudliner


The Cloudliner

The cloudliner is one of the fastest planes in the game (and the fastest plane series, purchasable with bux). At 320 mph base speed, it can gust through Los Angeles- Tokyo with just over/under 1 hour (compared to 2 hrs for Sequoia). However, they carry 17 things and are a pain to fill up


2. Fogbuster

The Fogbuster is the second-fastest plane series at a Fog-busting 312 mph base speed. It's probably one of the worst planes in the game due to its low capicity, high speed, and small range (Although the Tetra's is smaller)

3. Tetra


The Tetra is also pretty bad:

303 mph (Fast), 10 slots (decent), 2,300 mile range (Small)

Avoid this plane at all costs. It's efficiency is low!

4. Cyclone

This plane actually is okay compared to the rest of these guys. At 295 mph, it's not too bad as it's slower than my 300 mph limit, but these are still revenue suckers, just not as bad. When your airline

matures, you should grab a few of these and play with them! Their range is nice too :)

Then, the most efficient planes:

1. Kangaroo


At 125 mph, the Kangaroo is not going to win any speed contests! Let's just face it: the slower the plane, the more efficient. I would switch to Blimp-mode If I had a stock, as they go 58, but I'm stuck with faster Kangaroos for now! A plus: they are huge compared to other class 1's too!

2. Sequoia

Clap when you see the only turboprop Class 3

To be continued...

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