Pocket Planes - A Free Airline Management Game for iOS and Android01:31

Pocket Planes - A Free Airline Management Game for iOS and Android

Pocket Planes - A Free Airline Management Game for iOS and Android

Welcome to Pocket Planes Wiki! We have all things Pocket Planes here and we hope you enjoy it. Come here to discuss things or you can help the community by adding more info to the pages on the wiki. All help is appreciated and we encourage you to help the Wikia community. Thanks!

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Current Global Event

Note: This is the current global event. If you want to see previous events, please see here.

Event Name Location Event Open Event Close Minimum Jobs #1 Prize Top 10 Prize Top 100 Prize Under 100 Prize
Air Museum Opening Minneapolis August 16th

at 12:00pm

August 20th at


50 P-40 Warhawk Part + 10 Bux P-40 Warhawk

Part + 10 Bux

P-40 Warhawk

Part + 3 Bux

P-40 Warhawk


All times are in Pacific Standard Time (UTC-8, see top of page for current UTC time) and midnight is for all purposes at the start of the day.

Quick Links

Stats Events Bank Airpedia Logs
Stats Events Bank Airpedia Logs
Market Flight Crew Mapbutton Hangar Parts
Market Flight Crew Maps Hangar Parts
Scores Awards Settings Bitbook Nimblebit icon
Scores Awards Settings BitBook NimbleBit

Useful Links

Flight Crew
Add people to your flight crew! Please, only add people to your flight crew on the flight crew page. Thanks!

And to ensure your best time on this wiki, also read our:


In an act to bring the community closer together (and to have a little fun) we have created a poll, which will be open to voting here or here for two (2) weeks, after which a new poll will be put up. Please leave comments here suggesting what polls should be put up next! Happy Voting!

Note: This is the Current Poll. To see Previous Polls, see here

What rare aircraft is the best looking?

The poll was created at 23:58 on May 9, 2016, and so far 385 people voted.

Can't see the poll? Visit here to vote! Don't worry, your vote will be counted here too!


What's New

New Game

From towers to frogs to planes, NimbleBit has done it again! Their new game, Pocket Trains was released for both Android AND iOS devices on September 26! You can visit the just-created wiki for Pocket Trains here. We hope to see you around both here and there!

Latest Version

iOS- May 16, 2015: Version 1.2.1

Wiki News

  • Join our flight crew #PPWIKIA!
  • Pocket Planes is now out in the MAc App Store and the Android Store! We hope to get some new faces around!
  • We now have have a page for every airport in the game! Check them out here where you can select airports by their region and country!
  • We now have userboxes! Please visit this page for the code and add it to your profile.
  • We now have a Twitter! You can be directed there by following this link. We would like to thank RCT! for creating it.
  • We now have Facebook! You can be directed there by following this link. We would like to thank KoalaKhaos for creating it.


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If you need any help, contact an admin on their walls or in chat.

The Admin Law

NO STAFF REQUESTS, we will award members with staff positions accordingly to their contributions and overall wiki helpfulness. This includes listening to Admins at all times.

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