Tetra Series
P - C - M
More info
Level Unlocked 24
Class 3
Capacity (P/C) 10
Capacity (M) 4 P, 6 C
Range (miles) 2,300
Speed (mph) 303
Weight (tons) 10.0

The Tetra is a jet aircraft that is unlocked at level 24, and has its engines placed at the rear of the plane, similar to the Pearjet series. It is more efficient to skip this plane because it has the same capacity of a Sequoia, and it is over 100 mph faster, which means less profit, and it is more expensive.


Parts: 32 Bux per part

To Build: 32 Bux to build = 128 Bux total

To Buy: 187 Bux

To Upgrade: 32 Bux per upgrade (total of 9 upgrades available)


Type Base Level 1 Level 2 Level 3


2,300 2,415 2,530 2,645


303 318 333 348


10.0 9.5 9.0 8.5

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