Welcome to the Pocket Planes Wiki Trading Page!

All Trading requests will be placed in the page comments. Trading found on other pages will be deleted.

Please remember to put your name and gift code in your request so we know who you are.

Completed trades will be removed every few days so it doesn't clog up the page.

You can also make a post in Discussions about your trade instead. Be sure to add the "Trading" category to your post!

No foul language is allowed. Also, you have to uphold your end of the bargain. Breaking any of these rules, or any rules listed in the Pocket Planes Wiki Rules will result in your trade code being added to the blacklist. Any users on the blacklist have been found to be involved in fraudulent trades or scams. Trading comments by anyone on the blacklist will be removed.


Any codes listed here belong to trade scammers. It is highly recommend that you DO NOT TRADE WITH THEM! Some have been found to be in repeated trade scams across multiple communities. Contact a staff member if you have proof that someone has committed fraudulent trading to add their name to the blacklist.





X2QF- This code and ALL those above it belong to one malicious user. DO NOT ENGAGE WITH THEM UNTIL THEY HAVE BEEN CLEARED BY WIKI ADMINS!