• Carlsonester

    I'm giving out full plane parts to help someone out especially beginners! Comment your gamecenter username!

    I'm currently level 35 with the following plane inventories:

    3 Cloudliners M (LA-Tokyo, LA-Seoul, LA-Beijing) My trunk routes, EXTREMELY HIGH DEMAND

    8 Cyclone M (5 North America to Asia routes, 2 Europe to Asia routes, 1 Asia to South America route) Transport between major hubs. NY, Istanbul, Paris, Xian, Bangkok, Rio, Lagos, Jakarta

    13 Sequoia M (Point-to-point routes) Everywhere

    1 C-130 Hercules (Point-to-point route) Everywhere

    2 Aeroeagle M (LA-NY) Transamerica route only

    1 Birchcraft M (LA-Honolulu) Hawaii route only

    3 Equinox M (Emergency layover planes) 

    1 Equinox P (Emergency layover plane)

    1 Equinox C (Emergency layover plane)

    5 X10 Map…

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