Hey there fellow Pocket Planers. To get things started, I am KoalaKhaos, founder of the Pocket Planes Wiki. Being the only Admin with access to a Mac at most times, I'm taking on the project of the Mac part of the game.

For anyone wondering what the Mac app is like, it's basically the same. There is no difference from the iOS version other than the controls. Personally, I think some changes would be nice to help those who have the trackpad and not the mouse, but I'm not really complaining. Now, I will cover some of the controls and compare them to that on the iPad, iPhone, and iPodTouch.

Changing Airplanes
iDevice: Tapping the arrows to the left or right; taping the airplane symbol in the bottom right and chossing the desired plane.
Mac: Clicking the arrows to the left or right; clicking the airplane symbol in the bottom right and choosing the desired plane.

More information coming soon!

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