Hey guys,

I had pocket planes on my Droid but switched to Apple, had to start over.  

I'm back up to LVL 16, but trying to do better this time around.  I've already messed up with having too many Equinox and Pearjet models, Just getting back to Aeroeagle.

What is the consensus on how many airports to have?  I feel like having LVL1 airports is a waste when you aren't using those planes anymore (except for events).

Is it better to have planes that run transatlantic to drop off between Boston/Madrid, and runners in the continents, or just have planes go all the way?

And finally, the generic appeal for parts.  If anyone has anything available for LVL3/LVL2 parts that are freely available I would appreciate it.  I don't have much to offer, just the planes I have (equinox/pearjet/lower) and a starship part.  I don't mind giving away the starship parts, not interested in having one at this time.  Ingame name is the same as this one.*

  • I figure I should caveat this, I'm not explicitly looking for parts/planes.  If anyone has something, great.  If not, I'd rather have help getting back to glory sooner than later with advice on how to advance at a better pace.

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