I think it's time for some new planes, we haven't had any for a while, which is why I am suggesting some that should be added into the game within the next month or so.


-C-5 Galaxy (For us level 30+ with a need of a bigger plane than a cloudliner) (The cloudliner is already a pain)

-B-36 Peacemaker (Efficeint larger Sequoia)

-Airbus A380 (Imagine how cool this would look)

-Cessna 208 (Maybe one with the water landing things, that would be cool)

-Boeing Dreamlifter (Large class 3 cargo aircraft)

-Change Hercules to class 2 or even 1

-Douglas DC-3 (Large class 1 aircraft?)

-G8N1 (A giant prototype Japanese WW||, what could go wrong)

-Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress (This would be so cool)


They don't have to be exact copies, but they would help the game drastically. Leave suggestions in the comments. I sent an email. Let's see how long it takes to reply. Or they may never. Just like almost every other game maker out there

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